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Currently working full time for myself as a Freelance Character Animator. I have been animating now for well over fifteen years, gaining experience in the Film, TV and Games industries. Having work for some of the most  creative  and renowned studios I have been fortunate enough to have animated on projects for the likes of Walt Disney Feature Animation, Warner Bros. Feature Animation, Sony, Sega and Nintendo to name a few. I love what I do, and I hope to carry on broadening my skills as an animator in this wonderful art form. For more information or for a hard copy of my reel, please contact me. 
mobile. +44 7515 389 128

Available for work at this present time. Please feel free to contact me should you be looking for animator positions.
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Mentoring Service—AnimTutor is my online teaching aid aimed at students and keen hobbiest who want to learn more about character animation. Price List Beginner - £250Intermediate - £350Advanced - £400 Full Course - £900 Each course duration - 6 weeks Student’s comments: India BarnardoStudent at Teeside University UKNow Animator at Framestore UK “I learnt so much, I don't even know where to begin!  I thought of progressing my education now I've left uni, and this was the perfect solution. It gave me deadlines to keep motivated, and each video was packed with tips and knowledge that were priceless!  I reallllllyyyyy recommend this to any aspiring animator!” Manjoe ChanStudent at Teeside University UKNow Animator at Framestore UK “Though the course only lasted 6 weeks, it was very intense. The weekly critiques were incredibly helpful. Jim pointed out a lot of things that I would never have thought about, and reiterates it every week until it sits in my head. I was very dubious about some of the advice at first and didn’t think they would really help that much. But once I applied them, I saw how essential they were in making my animations look better.  I learnt a lot out of the course and could see myself improving with every week. The hands-on approach was much more useful than written feedback; as a visual person, drawing over my poses made things a lot clearer.  The course was definitely value for money, and taught me a lot more than 6 weeks at Uni!” — For more information about the course please feel free to email me 
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